We are delighted to announce that, in July 2018, Safari Hunters will begin construction of two permanent school buildings to support Eden Nursery and Primary School. The school is in a very remote, isolated village called Kabaswiswi located in Burahya County, Kabarole District in Western Uganda.  It currently has an unsafe temporary structure built with mud and reeds. The lack of clean permanent and safe buildings negatively impact the children”s school attendance and also, puts their lives in danger.

The people in the community are immigrants from different parts of Uganda and refugees from different countries surrounding Uganda. Currently, the school and the community lack basic resources, including access to clean drinking water. They have to travel for miles to buy and to collect clean drinking water. This means that most of the children and the people in the community drink unclean water, which causes all kinds of sickness and diseases. Also, customarily, it’s the girls and women’s responsibility to collect and carry water in heavy buckets.  As a result, girls might be held back from attending school in order to take care of chores such as these.

Phase 1

1) The construction of two buildings. One will have 7 classrooms to house primary one to primary seven. The second building will house two nursery classes, the headmasters office and a reception area.

2) The construction of Hygienic latrines for boys and girls.

3) The construction/digging of two wells. One well will serve the school and the second will serve the community.

4) Provision of scholastic materials including exercise books, desks/chairs and forms for the classrooms. Provision of hygiene resources for the female students to support and increase their school attendance.

There projects will be completed in two phases and have an estimated cost of $150,000.00.

Phase 2

1) The construction of a school library to support the development of the children’s reading skills at an early age.

2) Construction of teachers quarters, which will support the teachers permanency at the school and reduce teacher absence.  Also, the school will less likely be exposed to vandalism with teachers living on the premises.

3) Working  with the parents and the community to explore income generating activities to increase their incomes and to support the development of their community. This will involve partnering with different volunteer Mission Teams to engage, train and teach skills to the people in the community.

At this time we are asking for your support to help us complete these projects. Your gifts, large or small are tax deductible, and will make a difference and will forever change the lives of these children, as well as their communities.