Special tours offer the opportunity to see Africa on a much greater level than a classical tour exploring remote aspects of wildlife, natural recourses, local communities, socal, political and environmental issues.Specail tours are designed for either professional or travellers aiming to achieve a higher understanding of African realities.

You will be able , for example to spend time with African populations like masai, the pygmies or the Bushmen in their villages, where you will learn about the culture, myths, traditions ,their  understanding go spirituality and religion. You will work with the local crafts men, cook with the house wives, learn wool spinning, rug making drum making (even from the royal drummers of the kings), or brewing beer from bananas. You will have a chance to experience how to do tradional farming and irrigation techniques, the way they put their hair, how the design their houses, how they use their natural environment to make weapons and the way they shepherd their cattle in the wild.

You can spend a few days with tradional doctors and learn some of their huge knowledge on medicinal herbs, healing techniques and understanding how still two thirds of African population uses them as primary source of health care.

If you want to go to Africa for a charitable mission, we will help you to identify the area and the structure and we will provide you with all the support you will need. If you want to have the real understanding of the of the problems in Africa now, we will bring you where the problems are and we will organize meetings with local authorities and organizations.

Be ready to go fishing with pygmies, visit orphanages, learn the secrets of spiritual healers , grind nuts and maize into flour, prepare the red ochre mix for your skin, watch animals during rituals , walk through mostly unknown paths, comfort yourself with unique cultures and traditions .Be ready to experience that  tourists don’t have a chance to see.!

Typical tours are designed for documentary makers, professional photographers, volunteers passionate about  Africa , experienced and adaptable travelers who want to see the unknown aspects of Africa, investors wanting to have an understanding of the opportunities, scientists and biologists and philosophers seeking inspiration and in general any one who has a strong reason to visit and understand Africa.