Travel in East Africa encompasses a vast array of experiences, many memorable moments are expected from any of our safaris from this magnificent part of the magical Africa that continues to bring smiles. It’s a time of discovery and wonderment, were unlimited wildlife, culture and people delights both parent and child from dawn to dusk.

Safari Hunters is the manufacture of quality adventure tour packages, truly a unique tour operator offering African Tours with a special flavor to experience the real Africa with a full range of possibilities from traditional safaris with game viewing, bird-watching, mountaineering, to specially designed tours for a greater immersion into African nature, culture and traditions.

As a company that truly believes in sustainable tourism, we aim to preserve the beauty and character of Africa with emphasis on the unique character of its heritage ecology and art, making tourism a way to protect and support the areas we visit instead of altering and transforming them, thus our Motto “WE WORK 4 NATURE”. We respect local cultures and make sure that our visitors will understand and appreciate the African way of living, its incredible closeness to the roots, the lack of stress, the joy, the simplicity and the complete acceptance of life that all Africans seem to have.

Our proudest calm in all our destinations is that Safari Hunters has been there our Safari specialists have stayed at the Campsites, Tented camps, Homes, and Hotels, walked the Trails, Tracked the game and snapped the photos. Our dedication and long established relationships with local guides and wildlife managers throughout the region has earned us a great deal to our clients, were you come as guest and leave as friend. Our passion about Africa is our promise that you will have a life time experience which you will never forget.

Please join us for one or combination of those special safaris where your holiday  makes a difference to you, the people and the place you visit, enrich the mind and  stir the soul for years to come thus you craft Safari Hunters to last a life time.

Safari Njema

Ken Bushman.