Safari hunters  has now been operating for three years, and we are growing steadily.  This year we have added a number of destinations to our range, and are planning to begin providing specialist tours to Asia.

This is a great opportunity to get in touch with us, either for investment opportunities or for work.  We have a number of fascinating projects to launch and positions to fill.  Jobs include both temporary assignments and permanent positions.  Whatever your experience, if you’re interested, please get in touch.

To give you an idea of where we are, these are the areas we need to cover:

1. e-marketing including Google advertising, link exchange, yahoo groups, internet advertising, etc.

2. Legal and practical advise on contracts, insurance, legal requirements, etc

3. Increasing sales (of course!)

4. Produce and update action plans, presentations, press releases, corporate image, corporate policies, sales representatives guide, marketing strategy, production of articles on our activities and connected activities, project management documents (like gap analysis, resources analysis, marketing and sales analysis, detailed project management analysis)

5. Finding investors

6. Selecting new staff

7 . Document review and translation: all documents written in English (presentations, official ocuments, web contents, articles, etc), must be reviewed by a first-language English speaker. As we try to approach different markets, we also need translation on most important documents and contents into other languages (French, Spanish, German, Italian)

8. Improving existing contacts and establishing new ones with ground operators and service providers to improve and extend the service and reduce costs

9. Establishing an office in Cape Town

10. Developing our place in specific markets, e.g. Australia, East Europe, Spain, North Europe, US

11. Developing new sustainability activities and establishing contacts and cooperation with NGOs working in the field

12. Defining agreements with representatives in several countries, e.g. travel agencies in Paris, Milan, New York, etc.

13. Researching and defining what we offer in terms of new itineraries, new activities and new experiences

If you would like to be involved in any of the tasks above,get in touch with us.
We always reply to all applications and requests for information that we receive.